Startup Registration

Startup Registration

Startup registration is much different than a company registration. It requires a different level of flexibility, agility and scalability apart from being investor ready and having startup best practices in place.

Here is a quick comparison of 2 most popular options.

Features Private Limited LLP
Raise funding from Investors (including Foreign investors)  
Different stock classes  
Choice of funding instruments (e.g. CCD, CCPS etc.)  
Issue ESOPs to employees  
Implement vesting schedules for Founders  
Preferred Exit options (Acquisitions, Mergers, IPO etc.)
Corporate governance & fine-grained controls High Moderate
eLagaan special sauce level (e.g. Startup Best practices) High Moderate
Rest all the craps related to business structure


Connect with us to get an assessment of how your startup should be structured before kicking off the incorporation.

Good to think through some of these points before we interact (helps faster turnaround)

  • How many founders now and in next 2-5 years?
  • Hiring plan with Plan A and Plan B?
  • Strategy for ESOPs, if any?
  • Expected burn rates and how soon the company may be cash positive
  • Investment roadmap (Amounts and timelines)?
  • Market geographies/ DIstribution channels (Hyperlocal, Local, India, Global etc.)
  • Any thoughts about exit strategies - Acquisition, Merger, IPO etc.?
  • Wanna get mentors, advisors on board?

Get time to focus on your core

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