Accounts, Audit & Taxes

Accounts, Audit & Taxes

Startups need to maintain absolute clean compliance as it directly links to corporate governance credentials of founders. They are driven by different metrics for growth & analytics like traction, GMV, burn rates etc...

Startups are known for overdoing compliances in most of the instances as under compliance can be too expensive later. You may have heard of Flipkart, Myntra, Urban Ladder, Oyo, Ola and many other startups who chose to take extra licenses and pay extra taxes. As Indian laws continue to evolve to accommodate newer business models and innovative products and services that startups offer, there is always a grey area. No stakeholder wish to invite complexities from Government when the hockey stick growth starts for a startup. So its evident that Startup compliances are very different than a regular business.

You cannot think, act and afford to live with a regular compliance lifestyle. Neither can you afford to deploy outdated technologies to manage your compliance systems?

Talk to us to gauge your compliance needs and the right systems that will work while you scale rapidly without flickering. Powered by a team which fuels these beliefs and is completely geared to handle the beast called Startup.

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