Startup Best Practices

Startup Best Practices

Best Practices is not an option for growing Startups, its a mandate. Every stakeholder evaluate the policies, processes and practices of a Startup, whether its Employees, Investors, Customers or even Vendors, before getting associated with them.

Few areas where eLagaan can help in implementing best practices are:

  • ESOP - Employees Stock Options Policy
  • Internal policies and practices
  • Start setting up a great culture based on founder beliefs and startup needs
  • Founders Agreement, Shareholders Agreement
  • Restructuring MoA & AoA to accommodate Startup's vibrant needs
  • Implementing HR policies and practices
  • Designing Terms of Service/ Terms of Use, Privacy policy, Cookies Policy, GDPR etc.
  • Internal Financial Controls & processes
  • Return policies, Shipping Policies


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