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Mastering term sheet

Decoding shareholders agreement

The art of investor negotiations

Guide to investor due diligence

Investor reporting & MIS

Glimpse of life post investments

Raising your 1st funding

Pre-money/ Post-money valuation

Founder's agreement

Understanding investment ecosystem

What is a cap table?

Anti dilution rights

Liquidation preferences

Service Tax in India

Understanding Digital Signatures

Understanding Import Export Code - IEC

Professional Tax for Startups

Shops & Establishment license for Startups

Understanding VAT (Value Added Tax) & CST (Central Sales Tax) in India

Choosing right business legal structure in USA for Indian Startups

Understanding Employer Identification Number (EIN) while incorporating in USA

Understanding Director Identification Number (DIN)

Understanding Memorandum Of Association (MoA)

Where to incorporate your company in USA for Indian Startups