How to calculate accrued interest on NSC ?

The interest as specified in the Table below shall accrue to the holder or holders of the certificate at the end of each year and the interest so accruing at the end of each year up to the end of the fifth year shall be deemed to have been re-invested on behalf of the holder and aggregated with the amount of face value of the certificate. However, the amount invested under NSC & accrued interest will qualify for deduction u/s 80C.

Amount of interest accruing on certificates of Rs.100 denomination (Rs.)
The year for which interest acrruesIf NSC (VIII Issue) is purchased between
31Mar1989 to 31 Dec 199801Jan1999 to 14 Jan 200015Jan2000 to 28 Feb 200101Mar2001 to 28 Feb 200201Mar2002 to 28 Feb 2003After 01Mar2003
1st Year12.4011.8311.309.729.208.16
2nd Year13.9013.2312.5810.6710.058.83
3rd Year15.6014.8014.0011.7110.979.55
4th Year17.5016.5415.5812.8511.9810.33
5th Year19.7018.5117.3514.1013.0911.17
6th Year22.4020.6919.3115.4714.2912.08

Note : The amount of interest accruing on a certificate of any other denomination shall be proportionate to the amount specified in the Table above.