Remindo Inc.

"Remindo is an online service that creates an intranet network for companies.

It’s simple to start. As you sign up with your corporate email address, Remindo creates an intranet for your company. Anyone with an email address ending in your corporate domain will automatically be added to your company network on Remindo, once they sign up.

Remindo offers a dashboard, a central place to see activities across your intranet. Using this you can add team members, create projects and start adding milestone/tasks for each member. Each project gets its own share of discussion area/task planning etc.

The network members can store anything and everything you want and share them with their team and clients. The files can be tagged and commented on.

It also generates activity feed which keep you updated on all work activities, status updates, and discussions with your team and clients. "

"online service that creates an intranet network for companies. "