How should I get a acknowledgment number?

The receipt containing the acknowledgment number is the only valid proof of electronic submission of the return. A physical return without a provisional acknowledgment number cannot be accepted for further processing and would be returned.

Acknowledgement no.

my tan no is BLRL03070E i want acknowledgment no for ay 2011-12 quarter 1st AND 2nd form 26Q and 24Q (tds return)

my tan no is BLRC04629C i

my tan no is BLRC04629C i want acknowledement no for ay 2009-10 of quarter 4 for ay 2009-10 of form 26Q (tds return)

Receipt containing acknowledgment number lost for A Y. 2006-07

My PAN NO. 1s AATPD5945J , I want acknowledgment number of e return filed for A.Y. 2006-07