List of Statutory Registers As per Companies Act, 1956

Mandatory Statutory Registers under Companies Act, 19561. Register of Investments not held by company in its own name u/s 49(1)2. Register of fixed deposit under Acceptance of Deposit Rules, 19753. Register of Securities bought back u/s 77A.4. Register of Charges u/s 143.5. Register & Index of Members u/s 150 & 151.6. Register of Debenture holders u/s 1527. Register of Beneficial Owner u/s 152A.8. Register of Foreign Members u/s 157.9. Processdings of General & Board Meetings (Minutes) u/s 193.10. Books of Accounts u/s 20911. Cost Records u/s 209(1)(d).12. Register of Contracts in which Directors are interested u/s 301.13. Register of Directors, Manager & Secretary u/s 303.14. Register of Directors’ Shareholding u/s 307.15. Register of Inter Corporate Loans & Investments u/s 372A.16. Register of Renewed & Duplicate Share Certificate.Non-Mandatory Statutory Registers under Companies Act, 19561. Director Attendance book.2. Shareholder/Proxy Attendance book.3. Register of Sealed Documents.4. Register of Share Application & Allotment.5. Register of Share Transfer/ Transmission.6. Register of Dividend.7. Register of Power of Attorney/Probate etc.8. Register of Dividend Mandate.9. Register of Bank Account Particulars.10. Register of Electronic Clearing Service.11. Register of Fixed Assets.12. Register of Form 24AA from Directors13. Register of Nominations received.14. Register of Share Warrants.15. Register of Proxies.