How to register a company in India - Free eBook


While you are excited with a new idea and are determined to make it successful, it can be daunting task for many entrepreneurs to form a company.

How to register a company in India - Free Ebook

The question is why should you register a company? It is right time to formally structure your business when:

  • To have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities among founders. 
  • If the idea is very big, investors do commit to invest money but they release funds once the company is registered.
  • Before registering the IP in company’s name rather than promoter and then transferring at a later point.
  • To limit your personal liabilities.
Setting up a company is a big leap and a token of more commitment and seriousness to your business. It comes with initial set-up costs, regular filings of taxes and meeting various compliance, which if not met properly could be expensive. 

That is why eLagaan is created this all-you-need-to-know guide for you and all entrepreneur to give an idea how to register a company in India. In this eBook, you will read:

  1. Various types of business entities & documents needed
  2. Comparing business types
  3. What structure is right for you
  4. Filing process
  5. Online resources

Download the eBook now and register your company in India to achieve your business goals!


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